Why hire MKF Residential for your project?

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As time rolls on, we will be writing many blogs on “how to” or even “how not to”…………we will address many, many subjects over the days/weeks/months/years to follow.   We will talk about ice dams……….we will talk about the equity certain projects add (or don’t)………we will talk about bathroom and kitchen remodeling……..well, you catch my drift, I hope?

For now though, for our first blog, lets just talk about why you should hire MKF Residential.

MKF is a family owned and operated company.  MKF is a company some refer to as “frame to finish”.  What this means, is that we at MKF can do, literally, anything you may need done to your home.   MKF can install windows……..MKF can build that deck you have always wanted………..MKF can do something as simple as sending some carpenters to adjust those sticky doors, or MKF can even build you that 4000 sq. ft.  deam house.  MKF also has the credentials, and as equally important, the references, to back it up.

At MKF, all of our carpenters are also referred to in the industry as the “all around” carpenter. Our guys (and sometimes girls) are experienced in all areas of home construction, remodeling, and repairs.  Sometimes that means we are not the fastest..what that means is somebody who only does roofs, will always be a faster roofer…..Our carpenters also do roofs, maybe not as fast, if not done everyday …but we will always deliver quality.  MKF has several different foremen, and pending the work you hire us for, we would put the appropriate person either in charge, or the appropriate person doing the work.  In other words, we will never put our most highly skilled exterior carpenter, in charge of building an interior finished staircase………..it may not be his or her forte, so regardless of that persons experience, they may not be in charge of a certain project……….our management knows our clients’ needs, and our management puts the best person forward.

MKF has a 5 star rating via the Better Business Bureau.  MKF has a 5 star rating on Face Book, with literally, tons of reviews placed by past clients.  Please view our Face Book page for ratings, pictures, and reviews.  MKF also has reviews right here, on our website, and furthermore, when we send you a proposal for the work you are looking to have done, we will send you a reference list of people you can speak with, outside of anything else mentioned.

MKF is not a “fly by night” company.  What this mean, is we are here to stay.  We are “grounded” so to speak, with a showroom in Kingston, Ma, located at 67 Summer St, and another workshop, in Pembroke, Ma.  We are not just a guy working from his truck, and we are never going to just up and disappear.  This is not a slight against a hardworking guy in a truck, personally speaking, we all started there.  My point however, is that MKF has more than one base of operations, and as such, we are easy to find.  MKF always returns phone calls and emails.  Our customers know how to find us, but yet, our customers never have to chase us.  WE ALWAYS RETURN PHONE CALLS.  Our references will confirm that.

Hiring a contractor can be, and is, a tough thing, especially if you take a lot of bids, and hear from so many different people with different ideologies.  MKF understands that.  Our goal is to make your decision easy, by being the best.  By offering the highest quality work and fair pricing, MKF believes that we have made your hiring process and decision process easier.  Simply stated, we at MKF believe firmly that we offer the best quality, for the best value, and when YOU, as the consumer, take all “apples to apples” quotes under careful consideration, we will come out on top.

Please don’t just take my word for it.  Call or email today for a free estimate, and let us provide you with a quote for our services.  As you check on our references, let them be the ones to tell you.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

MKF Residential

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