Its Winter!! Beware of Ice Dams!!

Lets face it, winters are harsh in New England.   Ice Dams can be a common problem for a lot of people, even when your roof and its underlying components are installed properly.


An Ice “Dam” is exactly that…….just like the Hoover Dam, and Ice Dam is a blockage of ice, down near your gutter or lower part of the roof, and it prevents melting water from falling off the roof, into the gutter, or over the edge.  So this “dam” then forces the water to back up, possibly under the shingles, and then into your eaves…………potentially causing severe damage to insulation, ceilings, sheetrock, etc.


I have seen ice dams back up, ruin ceilings, ruin walls, ruin and buckle hardwood floors.   An ice dam gets caused, because as science proves, heat rises.  This heat escapes through the highest point of the house (known as the ridge), and the ice/snow at the highest point tend to melt first…… if there is a blockage down below, it could force this melting water to back up and cause damage.


In some areas no matter what you do, you could be subject to ice damming.  There are items to use such as heat cables and such to be used to melt the snow………..most important is making sure that your roof was installed at the eaves with a quality “ice and water” product, such as Grace.  A 2 piece fascia board helps also……..the upper part to lip the ice and water shield and provide a solid barrier against dams.


The best protection is to keep your gutters clear…….remove snow and ice build up, and you will remove the dams.  Be Careful!! If you have too, call a professional.  Make sure you have the proper ladders and safety gear…….most professional roof companies will have somebody on call to provide for ice dam cleaning.


MKF Residential not only installs new roofs, we provide repairs, and we provide ice dam removal.  If necessary, MKF can provide repair to damages caused by ice dams on the interior.  Call us anytime 781 588 1408 or see us online at


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